Paddle Paddle Softee Speed 3.0 Yellow Power

€179,95 €230,00

Another collection that provides new designs is the Speed ​​collection. Without a doubt, a range of high-level playing rackets that our brand has incorporated into its identity for a couple of seasons and that continues to be liked by the most demanding players.
Any of the blades in the Speed ​​collection have a modern design as well as potential that will make you stand out on the court.
This 2023 we are betting on the Speed ​​in blue, yellow and maroon.
It is a power racket, for players who seek maximum momentum of the ball at game time. Its hexagonal relief finish provides greater precision in blows.
The Speed ​​rackets are light rackets, easy to handle and that adapt to the needs of each player. They have medium balance and a frame made of 100% high quality carbon.

GAME TYPE: Polyvalent

GAME LEVEL: Advanced


YEAR: 2023


SEX: Senior


MARCO: Carbon


TEXTURE: 3D shine

PROFILE: 38 mm

What padel racket to buy?

There are different types
of padel rackets, we are going to give you some tips so that you can
Choose the padel racket that best suits your playing style. We're going to have
Keep these concepts in mind to help you.

Are you a player who likes to attack or are you more of a defensive player? It is important that you look at the shape of the racket to choose the one that best suits you.

Round shape: Round shaped blades offer greater control. They have a good, wider sweet spot, and a low or centered balance, which will make our hits much easier. It is the type of racket indicated for beginner players but also for
those players with a good level who seek greater precision in their
hits. It is usually for those players who are far from the net, it presents a balance that is closer to the hand. If you want to control the ball, this is your racket.

Teardrop shape: This type of racket is more focused on power. They are rackets that offer a higher and very balanced balance, this helps to give greater punch. Teardrop rackets are perfect for any player who requires power but mainly for medium or medium level players.
high who already have a certain technique and are looking for more power in their blows.

Hybrid form:
They are rackets that provide a hybrid format. Combine the teardrop and round shapes to achieve a union of the characteristics of both. In this way they maintain a higher balance but also a larger hitting surface. They offer a great balance between control and power for a more complete game. If you are looking for a versatile shovel that
adapts to all situations, this is yours.

Diamond shape: Diamond-shaped rackets are intended for advanced level players since a certain amount of experience is needed to be able to get everything out.
its potential. They maintain a balance in the head of the racket to offer
maximum power, it is the racket indicated for players with good
technique and who practice this sport regularly. If you suffer from any type of injury we would recommend another racket.

When will I recive my order?

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If you don't like it when you receive your shovel, you can return it to us as long as you don't
you have used it and keep the original seals. You do not have to
Give us no explanation, if you don't like it we'll refund your money!

Ésta es la pala de ALICE WHITE

Alicia tells us about the choice of her shovel: "I tried several shovels, it was difficult because I liked them all... but I stayed with the Speed Yellow model. It is a very solid shovel and at the same time very manageable that makes me feel the ball very well and it gives me control and power. I love my paddle!"