Paddle tennis has become one of the most practiced sports in recent years, and in this exciting journey, the Adidas brand has emerged as a benchmark of excellence in design, innovation and performance. From sneakers to rackets and accessories, Adidas' presence in padel is synonymous with quality. In this article, we will explore the rich range of products that the brand offers, highlighting how it has managed to gain the trust of players and fans of this exciting sport.

We focus on showing you what's new from Adidas in padel rackets.

High-performance padel rackets:

The jewel in the crown of Adidas' padel offering is, without a doubt, its blades. Designed in collaboration with professional players, these rackets incorporate the latest technologies to maximize performance on the court. From explosive power to precise control, each racket adapts to different playing styles, ensuring there is an option for every player, from beginners to experts.

Adidas Adipower 2024 padel rackets.

This range of Adidas rackets stand out for being designed for advanced level players. Experience exceptional control that will allow you to master every move on the court. These rackets are meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technologies to provide a perfect balance between power and precision. Control the game, control the victory.

Adidas Metalbone 2024 padel rackets.

An extraordinary option for those players looking to take their game to the next level. Meticulously designed to provide exceptional control and meet the demands of advanced level players, the Adidas Metalbone are much more than just tools on the court; They witness a symphony between cutting-edge technology and masterful performance.

Adidas Drive and Match rackets.

Adidas ranges perfect for players in the beginner and intermediate period. They provide the confidence necessary to enter and advance in the world of paddle tennis.

Adidas Cross It shovels.

Delve into the excellence of padel with our exclusive line of rackets designed for advanced level players. Experience perfection in every shot, as these rackets have been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the most demanding players.

  • Cross It Light by Marta Ortega: for professional players with materials that guarantee power and greater control.
  • Cross It Ctrl: with its round shape and aerodynamics, it increases speed and power.
  • Cross It: players who border on professionalism will achieve more power and speed in their shots.

Adidas Rx rackets.

Specially designed for intermediate level players. With a perfect balance, these rackets will allow you to perfect your technique and advance your development on the court.

  • Rx Series Light: the ideal companion to take your padel game one step further.
  • Rx Series Lime – Design for growth and improvement in all areas of the game.
  • Rx Series Red: for a type of control game thanks to its technology in the neck area of ​​the racket.