Bullpadel Legend 4.0 Woman Paddle Racquet

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Why buy the Bullpadel Legend 4.0 Woman padel racket for women? It is a low-balance padel racket with a very extensive sweet spot. These two factors favor the execution of well-placed shots and returns. The perforation is distributed over most of the faces to give it lightness and facilitate the execution of very complicated lobs and effects for the rivals.

What type of player is the Bullpadel Legend 4.0 Woman padel racket for women? It is for adult padel players who need a racket that is easy to maneuver when deploying a control style of play.

Design and colors

It has a round shape. The frame is glossy black and the faces are matte black. On the plans the truncated "B" characteristic of Bullpadel is presented with a mint green chromaticism. The legend "LEGEND 4.0 W" appears at the bottom of both sides of the head.

Technical characteristics of the Bullpadel Legend 4.0 Woman padel racket for women

  • The frame is made of very solid fiberglass. This allows it to resist the high impacts of very rough and frequent use.
  • The faces incorporate a smooth finish that simplifies the execution of penalty-free off-center hits.
  • The core is made of soft EVA rubber. This cushions all vibratory effects and reduces the risk of joint injuries.
  • The reinforced finish on the bridge extends durability due to its extra resistance to constant collisions against the walls of the court.
  • The neck integrates a large triangular hole. This permanently filters the air passage to stabilize all blows. 
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