Bullpadel X-compact 2 Ltd Green racket

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Take a look at the green Bullpadel X-Compact 2 LTD, a control racket made for players looking to take the game to the next level . Built with a mixture of carbon and glass fibers, it is a model that offers maximum resistance , flexibility and the performance you need to stand out on the track. Made in a round mold, it presents a low balance and a large sweet spot in the center, in addition, with an exclusive design made with Bullpadel quality.

It is a racket made for the beginner-intermediate level player who is looking for a control, comfortable and manageable racket that allows you to achieve excellent ball launches and optimal sensations of comfort after hitting. Features and technologies Composed with TPFCT technology, which consists of the construction of the blade frame made of 100% bidirectional interlaced carbon.

This construction provides our rackets with maximum mechanical response, guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control . With innovative Poly Glass fiber technology, it is obtained after manipulating molten glass. When used as a core coating, it provides the racket with a perfect balance between flexibility and resistance.

It includes an evalastic rubber frame, which combines density and elasticity characteristics that provide great comfort and hitting sensation . It stands out for having a modern and vibrant aesthetic, with a round mold painted in black with a matte finish, which provides better effects on the ball. In addition, incorporating the classic Bullpadel logo in fluorine green and details that highlight the design at first glance on the plans. 

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