In the exciting universe of paddle tennis, where competition merges with the search for excellence, the Nox brand stands out as a leader in innovation and performance. This brand has charted its own path in the world of padel, offering products that embody the ideal combination of style, precision and power. Below, we'll explore the fascinating world of Nox, highlighting its cutting-edge products and commitment to quality. Get ready to explore the unique essence of Nox and how it redefines standards in the exciting game of padel! 


With an exceptional balance between style, precision and power, Nox padel rackets have earned the trust of players of all levels.

  • ML 10 Bahía 12K 2024 by Miguel Lamperti. This racket stands out thanks to its exceptional balance between power and control, standing out for its exclusive and elegant design.
  • AT Genius Attack 18K 2024. This from the luxury collection is specially designed for advanced players who have an offensive playing style, a solid technique, and professionals who seek to find a perfect balance between power and control in every movement of their game .
  • AT10 Genius 12K by Agustin Tapia 2024. Designed by Agustín Tapia, this racket provides a harmonious combination of power and control, adapting perfectly to Tapia's aggressive and dynamic playing style
  • AT10 Genius 18K Agustin Tapia 2024 . It stands out for providing an exceptional balance between power, control and manageability.
  • AT10 Pro Genius 2024. It merges the most notable qualities of both: as manageable and fast as the AT10, while maintaining the comfort and solidity characteristic of the ML10
  • Equation Advanced Series 2024 . It integrates manageability, control and precision with an exceptional touch and an extensive sweet spot, thanks to the combination of rubbers used in professional level rackets.
  • Equation Lady Advanced Series 2024. Skillfully fuses manageability, control and precision with exceptional touch and a large sweet spot, thanks to the unique combination of rubbers used in professional-level rackets.
  • ML10 Pro Cup 3K Luxury Series 2024. Crafted in close collaboration with renowned professional player Miguel Lamperti, this racket is distinguished by its exceptional performance and elegant exclusive design.
  • ML10 Shotgun 18K by Miguel Lamperti 2024 . This racket stands out by providing an exceptional balance between power and control, perfectly adjusting to the aggressive attacking style of play.


Extraordinary collection of padel racket bags from the Nox brand. Designed to meet the demands of the most passionate players, these padel rackets fuse style and practicality.

  • AT10 Competition XXL by Agustín Tapia . Equipped with thermal compartments that take care of your rackets and keep your drink always fresh. Discover added convenience with multiple compartments and pockets, including a dedicated space for your sneakers and a separate bag for dirty clothes.
  • ML10 Competition XL Compact. We are faced with one of the most versatile padel rackets on the market, where practicality and space merge to accompany you at every moment of your experience on the court.
  • AT10 Competition XL Compact . Surprising capacity in an ultra-compact design.
  • AT10 Competition Trolley. Designed especially for long journeys, thanks to its wheels, you can carry all your belongings in a practical and organized way.


The right shoes make a difference. Nox sneakers fuse style, performance and innovation. From the court to the street, discover how Nox shoes have raised the bar, offering a firm step towards excellence in every match. Each pair of Nox padel shoes has been meticulously conceived and crafted with the purpose of minimizing the risk of injury and enhancing the padel player's performance.


Immerse yourself in the world of sports fashion with our new padel clothing section. Here, you'll not only find apparel designed for peak performance on the court, but you'll also discover how we fuse style and function.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and design, Nox not only enhances your performance on the court, but it also does so with a touch of elegance.

Maria Correal