Ready to enter the universe of paddle tennis through Black Crown? 

With exceptional closeness to the needs of players, Black Crown has consolidated its presence in padel by offering rackets designed for different levels of play. Backed and verified by renowned players on the World Padel Tour, these rackets not only promise exceptional performance, but also the comfort necessary for amateur players. This brand has become one of the favorite choices of those looking for the best for their game. Join us on this journey to discover the perfect balance between quality, performance and comfort in the world of padel with Black Crown.

  • PITON AIR 12K. It stands out as an exceptional creation that integrates the latest in technology to enhance the in-game experience. Its circular design and the innovative AVAIR system, an anti-vibration technology incorporated into the grip, position it as the ideal choice for those players who seek comfort without compromising performance.

  • PITON ATTACK 15K POWER . Designed for court strategists who seek to impress their style with intense and accurate attacks. Its drop-shaped structure and textured surface make it the ideal instrument for experienced players who crave maximum power.

  • PREMIUM PITON . This design has been conceived considering it to be the elite choice for those players who want to find harmony between power and control. Its circular structure guarantees perfect weight distribution, while the latest technologies.

  • URUS BLACK RED BACKPACK . It has been made with a surface that fuses 30% EVA and 70% PVC, while its interior is entirely made of 100% polyester. This design has been meticulously conceived with the player's comfort and style in mind.
  • URUS BLACK BACKPACK . composed of 30% EVA and 70% PVC on the outside, while its interior has been made entirely of 100% polyester. This design embodies our unwavering commitment to providing the utmost in design excellence for gamers. The backpack displays a captivating black hue, adding a touch of class.
  • ATENEA PADEL BAG . It is made with completely polyester fabrics, with 600 jacquard and D210 coating, which gives it waterproof properties. It fuses shades of blue, always in search of the most outstanding design for the player.
  • ULTIMATE PRO 2.0 PADEL BAG . Made with first-class raw materials, using 100% polyurethane on the outside and 100% polyester on the inside.
  • ULTIMATE SERIES . Made with premium materials, using 100% polyurethane for its outer layer and 100% polyester for its inner lining. This accessory exhibits a pleasant chromatic mix in blue tones, highlighting our continuous dedication in the search for the optimal design to meet the demands of the player.

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Maria Correal